Mr Ducourneau's cottages in Moltifao

the domain includes

2 villas for holidaymakers

1 summer restaurant with swimming pool and waterfalls

1 jacuzzi to relax.

we are open all year

The municipality of Moltifao is located at the crossroads between Bastia, Calvi and Corte, on the flank of a mountain range whose highest peak is Monte Padro facing the Needles of Popolasca. The town is crossed by the river Asco, tributary of the Golo which it is in its lower valley. Two bridges allow you to cross the Asco to reach the village: the "Tesa Bridge" on the main access road, the D47, and the "Old Bridge" which is actually a Genoese bridge on the D647 road.
Moltifao lies within the boundaries of the Corsica Regional Nature Park. The town is enclosed by the territories of the following municipalities:

- in the north Mausoleo and Vallica from which it is separated by the Tartagine river, and Castifao,

- to the eastMorosaglia from the place called Pontare confluence of the Asco with the Tartagine to the limit of L'Orienda is the limits of P.N.R.C.,

- in the south, its communal forest separates it from Piedigriggio, Popolasca and Castiglione,

- finally to the west Asco, from Dent d'Asco (2065m) going north by a line of ridges to the Asco River.

The habitat is concentrated around the village. The old building is in the neighborhoods of Aghia, Borgo, Merozzini, Mezzana, Mulinu, Upper village and Lower village. A recent subdivision was born at a place called "Capannacce", between the Asco River and the D47 road.

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